2022 Hugo Awards Eligibility

Our list of eligible stories published in 2021

Best Short Story

The Wild Hunt

"With One Eye, Bright as a Star" - Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten
"25 Minutes" - asch
"The End of Winter" - Alicia Cay
"Red Ears" - Graeme Davis
"The Unquiet Night" - Claire Davon
"A Voice Fleeing in the Wilderness" - Buzz Dixon
"A-Wilding She Will Go" - Paula Hammond
"Into the Forest" - Elliot Harper
"Harry the Nab and the Management Challenge" - John P. Kenny
"The Sound of Their Beating Wings" - Jamie Lackey
"The Wild Mouse Hunt" - Evergreen Lee
"Cycle of the White Hart" - Hailey Piper
"Tomb For Two" - Jan Rivers
"No Iron in Eden" - Maria Schrater
"Holda's Road" - Allyson Shaw
"Owl and Stag" - Christine Aikens Wolfe

Upon a Twice Time

"Snow Beauty or Starfruit?" - asch
"Twice in the Telling" - Carina Bissett
"From the Cradle to the Grave" - Lark Cerulean
"When Apple Woke" - Sarah Lyn Eaton
"The Queen of Hearts Interrogates Pinocchio" - Gabriel Ertsgaard
"Restless Treasure" - Kayla J. Espinoza
"Rule of Threes" - Rebecca Hardy
"Arzadu and the Sea" - Alex Hernandez
"Sweet as Honey" - Henry Herz
"The Legend of Moon and Ship" - Bettina Juszak
"The Selfish Jeeant and the Twelve Dancing Robots" - Evergreen Lee
"Bathed in Silver" - Lex T. Lindsay
"A Dance of Birds and Men" - Jenni Meade
"The Red Princess Who Was Hidden Underground" - L. P. Melling
"Through the Bitter Glass, Enticingly" - Sam Muller
"The Fisherwoman, Her Husband, and the Never-Dead Nymph" - Havi Navarro
"The Swan and Bellerophon" - Leo Otherland
"Traveling Songs for Star-Warriors" - Taylor Rae
"The Gala Tea Celebration Cake" - Milton Rookwood
"The Golden Feather" - Alexandra Seidel
"Megaflora" - Nathan Waddell

Upon a Thrice Time

"Last Dance of the Sugar Golem" - Andrew Bud Adams
"Flickering" - Devan Barlow
"Ragged Roots of the Blossom Born" - Marie Croke
"Where the Water Reached the Shore" - Sofia Ezdina
"The Merrow's Cap" - Sarah Fannon
"Sienna" - Olivia Frias
"The Ravens and the Tower" - Isobel Granby
"Goldie by Gaslight" - Kyle L. Grubb
"Night Medicine" - Matthew J. Hockey
"The Rose-Red Ghost" - Emily Jarzembski
"How Do Wolves" - Jon Lasser
"Elver Pass" - Chloe Lauter
"Blackberries" - Anne Leonard
"A Manticore Among Sunflowers" - Dexter McLeod
"Black Sword, Red Hood" - Danna Petersen-Deeprose
"Spatial Anomaly Nixie at Planet Leat-181: The Mill Pond" - Cameron E Quinn
"The Alchemy of Tears" - Natasha Rogers
"Flowers For Esper" - R.C. Sydney
"Hearts Wreathed in Ivy" - M. Elizabeth Ticknor
"Flowers Without Perfume" - Jolie Toomajan
"Robyn Whytt and the Sultan of Cats" - J. Edward Tremlett
"Thistledown" - Kristiana Willsey
"Endless Blue" - Risa Wolf

Future Perfect in Past Tense

"The Doom That Came To Bristol" - Jonathan L. Howard
"A Day In Pompeii" - Jamie Lackey
"The Future Will Have Been Perfect" - Colin O'Boyle
"Legends Don't Pay The Rent" - Maria Schrater
"Again I Meet You" - Dan Thurot
"I Will Not Be" - Rebecca E. Treasure

AaNX Issue 1 - "Emerging From Darkness"

"Caught in Wax" - Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten
"The Chill Inside" - Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten
"Reel Number Seven" - Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten

Best Editor (Short Form):

Todd Sanders - Air and Nothingness Press